Monday, May 12, 2014


Check out this cool site!

Sometimes someone on the back of your bike is cool! Holding on, and experiencing the curves of the road with you on that adventure while riding to wherever it is we have decided, or just drifting in the wind until we stop... Yeah, I can't haul ass the same, but who cares...

And this wild woman hanging on with one hand, and the other hand snapping the photo (see back of my helmet to see camera hand), and boom! Documentation!

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Evolution... From monkeys to people, caterpillar to butterfly, and from fresh turd to dry turd, everything has to evolve. And, since this is about a motorbike, well that's where the word revolution comes in. beecee moto has been busy breaking down an old carb to put all the goodies into a new carb body, installing a new back tire, and replacing my handlebars. Therefore the wheels of the bike are revolving again, and hopefully we get a good Spring riding in!

Here are those new (to me) bars.

And here is my mondo back tire!

Carb Issues

Stripped a banjo bolt... beecee moto ventured out to Signal Hill, California to Moto Guzzi Classics to obtain a new carburetor body and while there I remembered the bars I've been wanting. Here are some pics of the problem carb.

Amazing Architecture

Just take a look... Enjoy!

60 year old time machine

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Friday Night Lights

My lady was following me home one night last week, and when we arrived home, she tells me she was barely able to see me. A few days later I purchased some LED lights. And a few days after that, I set the valves and stayed up to the wee hours of the morning installing the LED's. I am definitely more visible at night now

I think the Darth Vader look is now starting to show. The transformation is almost complete.
Who knows what kind of bike Darth Vader
would ride??? I do not think it would be a
Harley though...

So the weather has been perfect this
weekend. Tomorrow is another
day, and another day to get a motor
bike ride in. Next thing to do is get my new back tire put on.... If it's not one thing, then it's another.

With new plugs, plug wires, coil, points, set valves, and whatever other task I had just performed should keep the bike up and running for a minute.
So far so good, the bike is running nice as of now.. Time to scrape the grease out from under my fingernails.


I also added new tank graphics to the left side. Being a graphic designer that has the tools has it's benefits. Every time I get a wild hair up my ass for decals or custom vinyl graphics, I can make it happen, and quick!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Once Again...

  Just when you think you have thought of everything, well think again because you didn't. I COULD NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME GET THE DAMN GUZZI STARTED!!!!!!!  New points, check. New coil, check. New spark plugs, check. New plug wires, check. And so on.. Well I have called the experts, check this, check that, try this try that, and all this and that to no avail.. (Insert sad face emoticon here)

  This was the man to get the bitch back on the road. This chap also doubles as my pops, Bill Sr. And who would know better about this beast, than the former engineer?  So anyways,He swings by the pad, and we get all up inside the starter switch, find some bugs, kill the bugs. Find a busted fuse, POW! Change it out. Get the distributer cap fitted nice and snug, and SPARK!!!!!! INTERNAL COMBUSTION!!! Well after a nice bump start. Then, SPARK!!! INTERNAL COMBUSTION!!!!! Moto Guzzi starts after an involuntary winter slumber! Well back on the road for now, and the little lady already had an errand for me to run on the bike. It's good to have those you can go to. Thank you Sir! I owe you a cold one.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Newcombs Ranch

Today was my first ride up Angeles Crest Highway to the famous Newcombs Ranch located in La Canada Flintridge, California. It was windy as hell but worth the ride. We had breakfast at Newcombs Ranch Restaurant. The food was really tasty. I earned my Highway 2 button for my efforts. ($5 bux for pin at restaurant souvenir shop) The Guzzi did just around two hundred miles from Upland, CA to passed Newcombs and back! Great day with my brother and father, sharing our passion for motorcycling!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


My son took this pic of me. He is twelve years old. Maybe he is on to something? Funny thing was, he just automatically went to the floor to get the shot. I was not paying attention to him snapping the photo. I like it! I like it alot! I had not had a good pic of my bike and me yet, so I am stoked to have one now! Who knew it would be a shot by a twelve year old?