Tuesday, September 8, 2015


  From the workshop of beecee design... These cruisers are what we have been up to in recent weeks. These boards were once used skateboard decks sitting in the closet of the garage. I decided to give them a new life, or to be BORN AGAIN if you will.

  So I took a drawing of Jay Adams I had done a while back, scanned it and then vectorized it for the making of a cut vinyl stencil. Recently I had come across some Pizza grip tape, and that had inspired this Pizza Box-esque design. I added the other elements to the illustration in my design program.

  I employed the use of a plotter to cut the stencil I needed for the shape to cut on the band saw, and also for the graphic stencil. Once board has been cut and sanded, I can then apply stencil for paint.

Powell Mini Logo

Element Natas Kaupas

Weeding the stencil is required to allow the paint to cover the parts where paint is needed for outline of graphic.
This is now painted with black for the outline. After outline is done and dry, the stenciling around letters is removed for the green and red paint.

        The boards were field tested on the streets of Vista CA. and the boardwalk at Oceanside CA.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Pomona Art Walk

  I have been selected to use a gallery in Downtown
 Pomona CA. The rent is free, but after security
 deposit and a major time crunch(May 9th, 2015)
 I need help raising a few funds to put this exhibition
 together. All sponsorships will be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Legendary Axes

Willie Nelson's Guitar

If you have ever seen Willie Nelson playing, then you have seen him with his Martin N-20 in his hands. This has been his trusted weapon since 1969.

Here is a great video with a story behind this amazing artist and his guitar.

Illustrations From My Sketchbook

For your viewing pleasure. Art can be a gift, and these illustrations were a gift to the parents of these adorable bulldogs!


Steve McQueen. Cool!

Alabama Shakes

beecee moto ventured down the 10 freeway westbound to Hollywood, California, to see the very fine band, the Alabama Shakes. The show took place at the Palladium. After the show we had dinner at the gourmet hamburger joint, Stout Burger. Hollywood is still completely alive at 1 am, as pedestrians and vintage motorcycles zipped around the streets and sidewalks. The show and food was great, and revitalized my craving for some late night Los Angeles, be it for an Art Exhibition, fine eating, or watching my favorite band play. The Alabama Shakes are a great band, with all the tools to stick around for a very long time. As a unit, they are very tight and sound fantastic live. They put on a cool show and get the crowd into it. I had a splendid time!

The Palladium was opened in 1940, and Frank Sinatra was the first act to play there. Jimi Hendrix, and now the Alabama Shakes have made a mark playing this venue.

Again, Back On The Road Again...

After a mishap involving my motorcycle, we were lucky to escape with just cosmetic damage. It took some time to locate the parts at a reasonable price, and to get the job done altogether. After it was all said and done, the 71' Ambassador morphed again into its current state. Chopped a little here, tweaked a little there, and the outcome is very satisfying... Next project??? The paint!!! Here a some pics leading to the most current stage of the ever changing Guzzi.

So shortly thereafter, I scramble for the parts. After searching high and low, I locate the goods to get this project underway. Headlamp bucket and fork ears. Now the easy part, taking off the forks to install the fork ears...

Not so easy... So... Break out the grinder with a cutting wheel! Notice the safety mask I'm wearing?

This Guzzi has had many looks over it's lifetime, and a new one is happening as we speak. Here are the latest pics of the most recent transformations.

Pipeburn Guzzi

Pipeburn feature, just passing it along!